"Everything you gain in life will rot and fall away and all that will be left is what was in your heart. Risk being seen in all your glory" Jim Carey

Welcome land of the internet, internet of the lands. My name is Claire Starbuck and I am a digital specialist. My business ethics are simple. Open strategies, open data and winning formulas. As a human my passion is pushing the boundaries and assisting my clients in evolving their brands. With so many online tools available to us we are inundated with information constantly. The secret to all digital strategies is to take this information and build effective campaigns around them. Contact me today for a free digital assessment. With proven results in Website Development, social strategy and AdWords, I would love to assist your brand in achieving your online goals. 

 I have been fortunate enough to consult for various brands throughout the world. In my blog you can find detailed insight into some of my work. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than setting the goal and attaining it for my clients. The words increased sales and fully booked, make me happy! While other marketing agencies and brands focus on increasing their income, I prefer to focus on increasing my clients income.     


Below are some of my campaign insights, please read my BLOG to see in-depth insight into various brand strategies, and industry thoughts.

I believe in your business success. Do you? 

Let the numbers do the talking

This client started with me in February 2020. A new AdWords strategy got them an epic 250% increase in paid online visitors, budget increase of less that 14% 

Conversion Tracking is an important part of online marketing. If you do not have conversions and goal tracking setup on your account, then you are loosing about 30% of the information you are able to obtain for future strategies. 

Social Media Strategy



It is important to note that Social Media advertising is not just about creating some content, throwing money at it and expecting it to yield results. The amount you are paying per engagement is important to assess when putting together a successful content campaign. The above stats are from November 2020, this client was paying on average R6.00 per click. After I took over their social media strategy and content planning, their cost her click dropped substantially down to R0.11c per click. Saving them money while giving better results and more leads. It’s like paying R6.00 to print a pamphlet when you can pay R0.11c. This results showed us that we were not hitting the intended market and the budget was not getting wasted.