Grow Room SA

Green Fingers

Any time is a good time to start a business, especially when the world economies are all passing bills to legalize Marijuana. In 2016 with all the ongoing changes around the world, I could see that it was going to be a future investment. This is how Grow Room SA was born.

Grow Room SA started as a group on Facecrack, called South African Grow Room, but in 2017 when I was able to give the whole concept more time, I renamed it to Grow Room SA, introducing a website and social media content to South Africa. The concept of Grow Room SA started with the Grow Guide. This was before growing your own marijuana was actually legal in SA. However, it was the only way into the industry within SA without breaking any laws. Research was done, plants were grown, the content was written, social media content was produced and Grow Room SA was launched.

Grow Room SA started off slow as any new online-based businesses do, also it was still illegal so people were weary to join the social pages because of the stigma behind the plant still at that stage.


I then looked into how I was going to grow the brand and how else I could bring people to the site. I was not going to miss the green rush as an entrepreneur. This is when the classifieds section was launched, for those who were brave enough to list any new or used growing goods. Lights, soils, seeds. It is not permitted on Grow Room SA to sell any contraband, only growing apparel.

In Conclusion

I then in 2018 got busy with other projects, so Grow Room SA had to take a back seat. That is the same year Marijuana became legal. The page has steadily grown since. I have unfortunately not had the time to produce more content for Grow Room SA in the past 2 years. As we all know content is king. Did you know content production is one of the biggest industries, with an outstanding figure of 5 million Google searches every minute throughout the world, its no wonder fresh content has to be created in order to stay relevant in the online world. If you are a business owner you more than likely have 100’s of questions regarding the brand. All will be revealed Grow Room is not going anywhere and I do have a strategy going forward for the brand.

Watch this space green fingers.