Our Gift To You

Blog About Business wants to help people realise their businesses full potential and reach their dreams, using the skills we have to offer. We will be gifting 1 free website every month this whole entire year! 2021 has never looked better. How do you enter this opportunity – fill out the online application below and submit your business idea. Blog About Business pay it forward officials will send us the best of the best, we will then as a business make a decision on which business will be gifted each month.  

Together let’s make your dreams a reality!

Terms and Conditions 

  • No e-commerce sites will be selected
  • Only up to 4 page websites will be considered 
  • Content to be provided by chosen business
  • Domain purchase, registration and costs not included in the giveaway. Blog About Business will, however, assist you with the setup
  • Only one entry per business
  • Winners are chosen at Blog About Businesses own discretion
  • Winner will be announced on the last day of every month
  • 12 websites up for grabs in 2021

Good Luck! We believe in your business! Do you?