Online Marketing Ninjas

Remember those awesome Website Developer Ninjas I told you about earlier in the Findwhateva.com blog. Well, it turns out I know some Online Marketing Ninjas too and it just so happened that they needed a Business Ninja. So my WebSightSEO journey began.


In 2015 I was approached by a group of young hungry Online Ninja Entrepreneurs, to assist in their Brand creation, plans and processes. This then evolved into being a client project manager. I oversaw all day to day running’s of WebSightSEO along with assisting in strategy and planning for 30 clients. WebSightSEO has a vast portfolio. But for this blog, we are only going to discuss WebSightSEO. 

The strategy and motivation for creating the brand was not ‘oh we want to have a business’. The inspiration stemmed from us experiencing a very clear lack of understanding and ethics within our industry. We wanted to create a brand that was open about what our clients were paying for while also allowing access to our services to business that who previously could not afford these tools as our industry prices were through the roof.

This evolved into a strategy of sharing our brand in its rawest form from the onset, online. So we began vlogging, targeting startups and small business owners.

Below is our first vlog, I am sure we will all agree that we have grown so much since this clip… Enjoy

Package Deal 

We didn’t want to be that brand that charges people 45 hours to make a website responsive at R900.00 an hour, that’s a whopping R45 000.00 to make sure your website shows up correctly on all screen sizes. YES! I KNOW! 

We wanted our customers to know exactly what they were paying for. We also wanted to target the startup industry and companies looking for full packages. This is how the era of the packages started. We took this strategy to the streets in a big way by doing business expos and full AdWords and Social strategies. This strategy really was a success amongst small business owners as it was an affordable option to gain assistance in digital marketing to access this amazing business growth tool. 

In Conclusion

I am such a huge fan of teamwork. Throughout my career, I have found time and time again that without an epic team to back you up, nothing will show up as it’s supposed to.  As Richard Branson said “Teamwork makes the dream work” 

Loved this team as they taught me a lot about the more technical aspects of online marketing. Such as setting up AdWords campaigns, building websites and so so so much more. I will forever be grateful to those who willingly shared their knowledge with me.