Jonsson Workwear

Jonsson Journey 

My Jonsson Journey began in 2018 when I was contracted to Jonsson Workwear to assist in their digital enhancements along with assisting with their new eCommerce website. Going into such a big brand I was nervous about what my skills could bring to the table. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized there was a lot of skills I could offer. I started where I always do a general look of the brands current online strategies. I found that while Jonsson Workwear was utilizing all major online platforms, not many were being used with a specific brand strategy. For instance, Google Local was set up for the head office, but not the Depots. This one change in online setup saw a huge increase in their depot sales, so please everyone understand from the get-go, Digital Marketing does not only support online lead generation and sales, but it is also able to assist in in-store turnover and experiences. I then reworked the PPC campaigns to assist with the new digital strategy I had put forward. This startegy was very fruitful and we saw great results, even I was pleasantly surprised as I mentioned going in unsure of what I could really do for the brand. 

We’ve Upped Our Game 

One of my proudest pieces of work in my career thus far is the launch concept and storyboard I wrote for the Jonsson Workwear online store. The launch slogan was “We’ve Upped Our Game”. The thought process started when the sponsorship team suggest I make use of the Lions rugby players and Sharks for the online launch. It snowballed in my brain from there and was produced into the awesome advert below that was broadcast on DSTV during the super rugby 2019.

In Store sales assist

One of the areas I worked on was the social media strategy. Jonsson Workwear has a campaign called “Super Saturday” this is an in-store promotion to assist with driving customers into the store. In 2018 Jonsson Workwear featured their first Super Saturday on their social media page, making use of the Facebook events feature. After loading the event information, I would then do my magic with a bit of spend and target the post accordingly. At this time they had one of their busiest Super Saturdays to date. This is another simple yet useful way a brand is able to use online strategies to assist in increase store sales.  

Product Launches “Guess What’s Next” campaign

I personally feel like brands could leverage their new product launches a bit more online. While at Jonsson Workwear they launched many new products, one of my favourites online product campaign launches I worked on was the new trainer range they have released called the AT18. Competitions are always a crowd-pleaser, but competitions while promoting or creating awareness on upcoming products is how you fully leverage off an online social media competition. The concept was simple. Blurry image of the new shoe, multiple-choice options for product descriptions, 3 social media posts. With 3 winners announced each week a month before the shoes are available in-store. The week of shoes arriving in-store a product video released on social media which is then Ninja-ed to assist the sales department, as a marketing department would do. Please click the images below to access the social media posts.

Integration and innovation 

When we began building the Jonsson Workwear Online store the scope of the mission was unclear, what they did know was they wanted to utilise their current hardware and software’s in the business to run the online store. They also wanted it to be fully automated on the back end. This is a beautiful way to setup an online store. It is also a difficult way, as the team has to integrate the online store with a warehouse running on huge scales of packing and sorting on the state of the art systems, that were not necessarily built with sorting online orders directly from the WHM system. Long story short 1 year and about 20 people later Jonsson Workwear Online store is up and running.  It was a privilege being apart of the epic team that did this website. 

In conclusion 

I loved my time at Jonsson Workwear, and feel blessed as an entrepreneur to have worked for one of SA’s greatest entrepreneurs Nick Jonsson. It was a great point in my career and a good confidence booster in regards to my skill set and knowledge I have gained over the years within my industry. I have also been inspired by a quote from a book Nick Jonsson wrote for staff with regards to Blog About Business and the design elements and approach, those who understand the Digital Industry will see that I have taken a big chance on this website, with regards to design and content types. The quote reads in parts “Take a fresh approach. Bring something new to the business. Don’t go for the expected or safe” Nick Jonsson