We Know Your Hosting Rights! Do you?

There are many issues in our industry that are not being addressed, one of which I would like to touch on. Domain ownership. Too often our clients who are coming over from other digital corporations have a hard time gaining access to their FTP details. Some have no idea what they getting themselves into when they signup with unethical brands and trust that they are getting value for money as they don’t understand the industry. So I have outlined a few pointers for you to consider when looking for a hosting company. 


If you are running a basic website with no Ecommerce or much traffic, you have no reason to be paying more than $20 or R200.00 per month. 

If you are running an eCommerce site with increased traffic, you should be paying no more than $100 or R1000.00 per month. 

If you are a heavy traffic website, meaning you have hundreds of thousands of people coming to your site a day, these figures may vary, due to server requirements for that amount of website traffic. 

Ownership and Access 

If you are using a broker, then it is essential to have a contract in place or for the contract to clearly state that – YOUR COMPANY NAME – owns the domain and the broker (Digital Company) is only maintaining on your companies behalf. If a broker presents you with a contract, ensure you read that contract very carefully and assess what it says about hosting, access rights and domain ownership. If it gives any rights to the digital company over your domain, you insist on either them changing it or you look for another company. 

I highly suggest that as a business you appoint someone to oversee all your digital platforms, even if you have 3rd party suppliers. Having a specialist onboard aways ensures your needs are seen to and your brand is not being taken advantage of. Also, it’s important to ensure as a brand you hold primary access to ALL your online platforms. Controlling your users and their access is a vital part of ensuring your digital future and success. Ensure a privacy contract and ownership clause is included in your specialist’s contract, ensuring your brand does not lose ownership or access, should an employee become restless Yes, this does happen! A disgruntled employee of one of our brands, lost their social media pages for a week while trying to resolve the issue. Had they put a clause and proper procedures around access to their digital software and platforms, this would have been avoided completely. It is also important to ensure all your hosting fees are uptodate, as all business clauses fall away on overdue accounts. 

If this blog makes no sense and you wish to have a clearer understanding, email us at info@blogaboutbusiness.online 

If your current hosting company is charging you excessively or not allowing you full access to your FTP details then you should also email us at info@blogaboutbusiness.online

Don’t be like Harold! Avoid a painful situation from the get go!

Digital Marketing does not have a committee to look out for the consumer’s rights, it is needed in our industry, rather urgently. Until then contact Blog About Business for all your digital requirements, ethical business practices are the name of our game. We believe in your business, do you?

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