Covid-19 UPDATE – We need to change

Wow! What a ride has the rona been? While we have all been locked away people and businesses have been forced to change. I have had the opportunity to work with two great brands over the past few weeks. One required a change because of covid and the other has a future because of covid. Let’s start with change. Sometimes it helps us better realise our future.

Totilly Toti – South Coast Home Ads 

This is a South African marketing agency based in Amanzimtoti Durban. This brand has been around the area for over 50 years! They are a local print ad that delivers to local postboxes. Below are some images from their very first issues back in 1968.

As I’m sure you can imagine the team at Totilly Toti had to get their brand online and they had to do it fast. After 50 years in the local, the brand has a lot to offer their locals with in the online industry. We developed a site strategy along with a package structure that ensures their clients will obtain their leads. I will be overseeing all their online target ads going forward. I am excited about this brands future and the next 50 years to come as we develop and grow Totilly Toti online.

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Moving into the future – Sani Step 

Masks and sanitiser are the new norm. In order for businesses and people to function in society from now on and until the foreseen future. With millions of imported products flooding the market, this group of engineers decided they wanted to support their local community and country by developing foot dispensers that are completely sourced and manufacture with in the United Kingdom at an affordable amount. This was the mission statement behind Sani Step. I find this inspirational. Because you inspire change more when you inspire to make a difference in your neighbours. 

Sani Step has now developed two-foot dispensers and supply tea tree based sanitiser. All in hopes to inspire their local community to rally together and support each other in these changing trying times. Building this eCommerce website was a pleasure while understanding their cause. I wish them the world of success in selling their products to the UK during these uncertain times. 

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  1. You moving & grooving all over the world. Well established business Totilly Toti is moving with the present. Fantastic TT

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